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Taxonomy API: Core category-specific functionality

Function Short description
cat_is_ancestor_ofCheck if a category is an ancestor of another category.
clean_category_cacheRemove the category cache data based on ID.
get_categoriesRetrieve list of category objects.
get_categoryRetrieves category data given a category ID or category object.
get_category_by_pathRetrieve category based on URL containing the category slug.
get_category_by_slugRetrieve category object by category slug.
get_cat_idRetrieve the ID of a category from its name.
get_cat_nameRetrieve the name of a category from its ID.
get_tagRetrieve post tag by tag ID or tag object.
get_tagsRetrieves all post tags.
sanitize_categorySanitizes category data based on context.
sanitize_category_fieldSanitizes data in single category key field.
_make_cat_compatUpdate category structure to old pre-2.3 from new taxonomy structure.