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WordPress Cron API

Function Short description
spawn_cronSends a request to run cron through HTTP request that doesn't halt page loading.
wp_clear_scheduled_hookUnschedules all events attached to the hook with the specified arguments.
wp_cronRegister _wp_cron() to run on the {@see 'wp_loaded'} action.
wp_get_ready_cron_jobsRetrieve cron jobs ready to be run.
wp_get_scheduleRetrieve the recurrence schedule for an event.
wp_get_scheduled_eventRetrieve a scheduled event.
wp_get_schedulesRetrieve supported event recurrence schedules.
wp_next_scheduledRetrieve the next timestamp for an event.
wp_reschedule_eventReschedules a recurring event.
wp_schedule_eventSchedules a recurring event.
wp_schedule_single_eventSchedules an event to run only once.
wp_unschedule_eventUnschedule a previously scheduled event.
wp_unschedule_hookUnschedules all events attached to the hook.
_get_cron_arrayRetrieve cron info array option.
_set_cron_arrayUpdates the cron option with the new cron array.
_upgrade_cron_arrayUpgrade a cron info array.
_wp_cronRun scheduled callbacks or spawn cron for all scheduled events.