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wp-includes/global-styles-and-settings.php › WordPress File

APIs to interact with global settings & styles.

Function Short description
wp_add_global_styles_for_blocksAdds global style rules to the inline style for each block.
wp_clean_theme_json_cacheCleans the caches under the theme_json group.
wp_get_block_css_selectorDetermines the CSS selector for the block type and property provided, returning it if available.
wp_get_block_name_from_theme_json_pathGets the block name from a given theme.json path.
wp_get_global_settingsGets the settings resulting of merging core, theme, and user data.
wp_get_global_stylesGets the styles resulting of merging core, theme, and user data.
wp_get_global_stylesheetReturns the stylesheet resulting of merging core, theme, and user data.
wp_get_theme_data_custom_templatesReturns the metadata for the custom templates defined by the theme via theme.json.
wp_get_theme_data_template_partsReturns the metadata for the template parts defined by the theme.
wp_get_theme_directory_pattern_slugsReturns the current theme's wanted patterns (slugs) to be registered from Pattern Directory.
wp_theme_has_theme_jsonChecks whether a theme or its parent has a theme.json file.