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Core Widgets API

Function Short description
dynamic_sidebarDisplay dynamic sidebar.
is_active_sidebarDetermines whether a sidebar contains widgets.
is_active_widgetDetermines whether a given widget is displayed on the front end.
is_dynamic_sidebarDetermines whether the dynamic sidebar is enabled and used by the theme.
is_registered_sidebarChecks if a sidebar is registered.
register_sidebarBuilds the definition for a single sidebar and returns the ID.
register_sidebarsCreates multiple sidebars.
register_widgetRegister a widget
retrieve_widgetsLook for "lost" widgets, this has to run at least on each theme change.
the_widgetOutput an arbitrary widget as a template tag.
unregister_sidebarRemoves a sidebar from the list.
unregister_widgetUnregisters a widget.
wp_convert_widget_settingsConverts the widget settings from single to multi-widget format.
wp_get_sidebars_widgetsRetrieve full list of sidebars and their widget instance IDs.
wp_get_widget_defaultsRetrieve default registered sidebars list.
wp_map_sidebars_widgetsCompares a list of sidebars with their widgets against an allowed list.
wp_register_sidebar_widgetRegister an instance of a widget.
wp_register_widget_controlRegisters widget control callback for customizing options.
wp_set_sidebars_widgetsSet the sidebar widget option to update sidebars.
wp_sidebar_descriptionRetrieve description for a sidebar.
wp_unregister_sidebar_widgetRemove widget from sidebar.
wp_unregister_widget_controlRemove control callback for widget.
wp_widgets_initRegisters all of the default WordPress widgets on startup.
wp_widget_descriptionRetrieve description for widget.
wp_widget_rss_formDisplay RSS widget options form.
wp_widget_rss_outputDisplay the RSS entries in a list.
wp_widget_rss_processProcess RSS feed widget data and optionally retrieve feed items.
_get_widget_id_baseRetrieves the widget ID base value.
_register_widget_form_callbackRegisters the form callback for a widget.
_register_widget_update_callbackRegisters the update callback for a widget.
_wp_remove_unregistered_widgetsCompares a list of sidebars with their widgets against an allowed list.
_wp_sidebars_changedHandle sidebars config after theme change