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wp_font_dir ( $create_dir = true )
  • (bool) $create_dir Optional. Whether to check and create the font uploads directory. Default true.
    Richiesto: No
    Default: true
  • (array) { Array of information about the font upload directory. @type string $path Base directory and subdirectory or full path to the fonts upload directory. @type string $url Base URL and subdirectory or absolute URL to the fonts upload directory. @type string $subdir Subdirectory @type string $basedir Path without subdir. @type string $baseurl URL path without subdir. @type string|false $error False or error message. }
Definito a:

Returns an array containing the current fonts upload directory's path and URL.


function wp_font_dir( $create_dir = true ) {
	 * Allow extenders to manipulate the font directory consistently.
	 * Ensures the upload_dir filter is fired both when calling this function
	 * directly and when the upload directory is filtered in the Font Face
	 * REST API endpoint.
	add_filter( 'upload_dir', '_wp_filter_font_directory' );
	$font_dir = wp_upload_dir( null, $create_dir, false );
	remove_filter( 'upload_dir', '_wp_filter_font_directory' );
	return $font_dir;