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wp_installing ( $is_installing = null )
  • (bool) $is_installing Optional. True to set WP into Installing mode, false to turn Installing mode off. Omit this parameter if you only want to fetch the current status.
    Required: No
    Default: null
  • (bool) True if WP is installing, otherwise false. When a `$is_installing` is passed, the function will report whether WP was in installing mode prior to the change to `$is_installing`.
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Check or set whether WordPress is in "installation" mode.

If the WP_INSTALLING constant is defined during the bootstrap, wp_installing() will default to true.


function wp_installing( $is_installing = null ) {
	static $installing = null;

	// Support for the `WP_INSTALLING` constant, defined before WP is loaded.
	if ( is_null( $installing ) ) {
		$installing = defined( 'WP_INSTALLING' ) && WP_INSTALLING;

	if ( ! is_null( $is_installing ) ) {
		$old_installing = $installing;
		$installing     = $is_installing;
		return (bool) $old_installing;

	return (bool) $installing;