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Administration API: Core Ajax handlers

Function Short description
wp_ajax_activate_pluginHandles activating a plugin via AJAX.
wp_ajax_add_link_categoryHandles adding a link category via AJAX.
wp_ajax_add_menu_itemHandles adding a menu item via AJAX.
wp_ajax_add_metaHandles adding meta via AJAX.
wp_ajax_add_tagHandles adding a tag via AJAX.
wp_ajax_add_userHandles adding a user via AJAX.
wp_ajax_ajax_tag_searchHandles tag search via AJAX.
wp_ajax_autocomplete_userHandles user autocomplete via AJAX.
wp_ajax_closed_postboxesHandles closed post boxes via AJAX.
wp_ajax_crop_imageHandles cropping an image via AJAX.
wp_ajax_dashboard_widgetsHandles dashboard widgets via AJAX.
wp_ajax_date_formatHandles formatting a date via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_commentHandles deleting a comment via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_inactive_widgetsHandles removing inactive widgets via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_linkHandles deleting a link via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_metaHandles deleting meta via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_pageHandles deleting a page via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_pluginHandles deleting a plugin via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_postHandles deleting a post via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_tagHandles deleting a tag via AJAX.
wp_ajax_delete_themeHandles deleting a theme via AJAX.
wp_ajax_destroy_sessionsHandles destroying multiple open sessions for a user via AJAX.
wp_ajax_dim_commentHandles dimming a comment via AJAX.
wp_ajax_dismiss_wp_pointerHandles dismissing a WordPress pointer via AJAX.
wp_ajax_edit_commentHandles editing a comment via AJAX.
wp_ajax_edit_theme_plugin_fileHandles editing a theme or plugin file via AJAX.
wp_ajax_fetch_listHandles fetching a list table via AJAX.
wp_ajax_find_postsHandles querying posts for the Find Posts modal via AJAX.
wp_ajax_generate_passwordHandles generating a password via AJAX.
wp_ajax_get_attachmentHandles getting an attachment via AJAX.
wp_ajax_get_commentsHandles getting comments via AJAX.
wp_ajax_get_community_eventsHandles Ajax requests for community events
wp_ajax_get_permalinkHandles retrieving a permalink via AJAX.
wp_ajax_get_post_thumbnail_htmlHandles retrieving HTML for the featured image via AJAX.
wp_ajax_get_revision_diffsHandles getting revision diffs via AJAX.
wp_ajax_get_tagcloudHandles getting a tagcloud via AJAX.
wp_ajax_health_check_background_updatesHandles site health checks on background updates via AJAX.
wp_ajax_health_check_dotorg_communicationHandles site health checks on server communication via AJAX.
wp_ajax_health_check_get_sizesHandles site health check to get directories and database sizes via AJAX.
wp_ajax_health_check_loopback_requestsHandles site health checks on loopback requests via AJAX.
wp_ajax_health_check_site_status_resultHandles site health check to update the result status via AJAX.
wp_ajax_heartbeatHandles the Heartbeat API via AJAX.
wp_ajax_hidden_columnsHandles hidden columns via AJAX.
wp_ajax_image_editorHandles image editing via AJAX.
wp_ajax_imgedit_previewHandles image editor previews via AJAX.
wp_ajax_inline_saveHandles Quick Edit saving a post from a list table via AJAX.
wp_ajax_inline_save_taxHandles Quick Edit saving for a term via AJAX.
wp_ajax_install_pluginHandles installing a plugin via AJAX.
wp_ajax_install_themeHandles installing a theme via AJAX.
wp_ajax_logged_inHandles Customizer preview logged-in status via AJAX.
wp_ajax_media_create_image_subsizesHandles creating missing image sub-sizes for just uploaded images via AJAX.
wp_ajax_menu_get_metaboxHandles for retrieving menu meta boxes via AJAX.
wp_ajax_menu_locations_saveHandles saving menu locations via AJAX.
wp_ajax_menu_quick_searchHandles menu quick searching via AJAX.
wp_ajax_meta_box_orderHandles saving the meta box order via AJAX.
wp_ajax_nopriv_generate_passwordHandles generating a password in the no-privilege context via AJAX.
wp_ajax_nopriv_heartbeatHandles the Heartbeat API in the no-privilege context via AJAX .
wp_ajax_oembed_cacheHandles oEmbed caching via AJAX.
wp_ajax_parse_embedApplies [embed] Ajax handlers to a string.
wp_ajax_query_attachmentsHandles querying attachments via AJAX.
wp_ajax_query_themesHandles getting themes from themes_api() via AJAX.
wp_ajax_replyto_commentHandles replying to a comment via AJAX.
wp_ajax_rest_nonceHandles renewing the REST API nonce via AJAX.
wp_ajax_sample_permalinkHandles retrieving a sample permalink via AJAX.
wp_ajax_save_attachmentHandles updating attachment attributes via AJAX.
wp_ajax_save_attachment_compatHandles saving backward compatible attachment attributes via AJAX.
wp_ajax_save_attachment_orderHandles saving the attachment order via AJAX.
wp_ajax_save_user_color_schemeHandles auto-saving the selected color scheme for a user's own profile via AJAX.
wp_ajax_save_widgetHandles saving a widget via AJAX.
wp_ajax_save_wporg_usernameHandles saving the user's WordPress.org username via AJAX.
wp_ajax_search_install_pluginsHandles searching plugins to install via AJAX.
wp_ajax_search_pluginsHandles searching plugins via AJAX.
wp_ajax_send_attachment_to_editorHandles sending an attachment to the editor via AJAX.
wp_ajax_send_link_to_editorHandles sending a link to the editor via AJAX.
wp_ajax_send_password_resetHandles sending a password reset link via AJAX.
wp_ajax_set_attachment_thumbnailHandles setting the featured image for an attachment via AJAX.
wp_ajax_set_post_thumbnailHandles setting the featured image via AJAX.
wp_ajax_time_formatHandles formatting a time via AJAX.
wp_ajax_toggle_auto_updatesHandles enabling or disable plugin and theme auto-updates via AJAX.
wp_ajax_trash_postHandles sending a post to the Trash via AJAX.
wp_ajax_untrash_postHandles restoring a post from the Trash via AJAX.
wp_ajax_update_pluginHandles updating a plugin via AJAX.
wp_ajax_update_themeHandles updating a theme via AJAX.
wp_ajax_update_welcome_panelHandles updating whether to display the welcome panel via AJAX.
wp_ajax_update_widgetHandles updating a widget via AJAX.
wp_ajax_upload_attachmentHandles uploading attachments via AJAX.
wp_ajax_widgets_orderHandles saving the widgets order via AJAX.
wp_ajax_wp_compression_testHandles compression testing via AJAX.
wp_ajax_wp_fullscreen_save_postHandles saving posts from the fullscreen editor via AJAX.
wp_ajax_wp_link_ajaxHandles internal linking via AJAX.
wp_ajax_wp_privacy_erase_personal_dataHandles erasing personal data via AJAX.
wp_ajax_wp_privacy_export_personal_dataHandles exporting a user's personal data via AJAX.
wp_ajax_wp_remove_post_lockHandles removing a post lock via AJAX.
_wp_ajax_add_hierarchical_termHandles adding a hierarchical term via AJAX.
_wp_ajax_delete_comment_responseSends back current comment total and new page links if they need to be updated.