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Core Metadata API

Function Short description
add_metadataAdd metadata for the specified object.
delete_metadataDelete metadata for the specified object.
delete_metadata_by_midDelete meta data by meta ID
get_metadataRetrieve metadata for the specified object.
get_metadata_by_midGet meta data by meta ID
get_meta_sqlGiven a meta query, generates SQL clauses to be appended to a main query.
get_object_subtypeReturns the object subtype for a given object ID of a specific type.
get_registered_metadataRetrieves registered metadata for a specified object.
get_registered_meta_keysRetrieves a list of registered meta keys for an object type.
is_protected_metaDetermines whether a meta key is considered protected.
metadata_existsDetermine if a meta key is set for a given object
registered_meta_key_existsChecks if a meta key is registered.
register_metaRegisters a meta key.
sanitize_metaSanitize meta value.
unregister_meta_keyUnregisters a meta key from the list of registered keys.
update_metadataUpdate metadata for the specified object. If no value already exists for the specified object ID and metadata key, the metadata will be added.
update_metadata_by_midUpdate meta data by meta ID
update_meta_cacheUpdate the metadata cache for the specified objects.
wp_metadata_lazyloaderRetrieves the queue for lazy-loading metadata.
_get_meta_tableRetrieve the name of the metadata table for the specified object type.
_wp_register_meta_args_whitelistFilter out `register_meta()` args based on a whitelist.