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Core User API

Function Short description
add_user_metaAdds meta data to a user.
check_password_reset_keyRetrieves a user row based on password reset key and login.
clean_user_cacheCleans all user caches.
count_many_users_postsGets the number of posts written by a list of users.
count_usersCounts number of users who have each of the user roles.
count_user_postsGets the number of posts a user has written.
delete_user_metaRemoves metadata matching criteria from a user.
delete_user_optionDeletes user option with global blog capability.
email_existsDetermines whether the given email exists.
get_blogs_of_userGets the sites a user belongs to.
get_current_user_idGets the current user's ID.
get_password_reset_keyCreates, stores, then returns a password reset key for user.
get_usersRetrieves list of users matching criteria.
get_user_countReturns the number of active users in your installation.
get_user_metaRetrieves user meta field for a user.
get_user_optionRetrieves user option that can be either per Site or per Network.
is_user_member_of_blogFinds out whether a user is a member of a given blog.
new_user_email_admin_noticeAdds an admin notice alerting the user to check for confirmation request email after email address change.
register_new_userHandles registering a new user.
reset_passwordHandles resetting the user's password.
retrieve_passwordHandles sending a password retrieval email to a user.
sanitize_user_fieldSanitizes user field based on context.
send_confirmation_on_profile_emailSends a confirmation request email when a change of user email address is attempted.
setup_userdataSets up global user vars.
update_user_cachesUpdates all user caches.
update_user_metaUpdates user meta field based on user ID.
update_user_optionUpdates user option with global blog capability.
username_existsDetermines whether the given username exists.
validate_usernameChecks whether a username is valid.
wp_authenticate_application_passwordAuthenticates the user using an application password.
wp_authenticate_cookieAuthenticates the user using the WordPress auth cookie.
wp_authenticate_email_passwordAuthenticates a user using the email and password.
wp_authenticate_spam_checkFor Multisite blogs, checks if the authenticated user has been marked as a spammer, or if the user's primary blog has been marked as spam.
wp_authenticate_username_passwordAuthenticates a user, confirming the username and password are valid.
wp_cache_set_users_last_changedSets the last changed time for the 'users' cache group.
wp_create_userProvides a simpler way of inserting a user into the database.
wp_create_user_requestCreates and logs a user request to perform a specific action.
wp_destroy_all_sessionsRemoves all session tokens for the current user from the database.
wp_destroy_current_sessionRemoves the current session token from the database.
wp_destroy_other_sessionsRemoves all but the current session token for the current user for the database.
wp_dropdown_usersCreates dropdown HTML content of users.
wp_generate_user_request_keyReturns a confirmation key for a user action and stores the hashed version for future comparison.
wp_get_all_sessionsRetrieves a list of sessions for the current user.
wp_get_password_hintGets the text suggesting how to create strong passwords.
wp_get_session_tokenRetrieves the current session token from the logged_in cookie.
wp_get_users_with_no_roleGets the user IDs of all users with no role on this site.
wp_get_user_contact_methodsSets up the user contact methods.
wp_get_user_requestReturns the user request object for the specified request ID.
wp_insert_userInserts a user into the database.
wp_is_application_passwords_availableChecks if Application Passwords is globally available.
wp_is_application_passwords_available_for_userChecks if Application Passwords is available for a specific user.
wp_is_application_passwords_supportedChecks if Application Passwords is supported.
wp_is_large_user_countDetermines whether the site has a large number of users.
wp_is_password_reset_allowed_for_userChecks if password reset is allowed for a specific user.
wp_list_usersLists all the users of the site, with several options available.
wp_maybe_update_user_countsUpdates the total count of users on the site if live user counting is enabled.
wp_register_persisted_preferences_metaRegisters the user meta property for persisted preferences.
wp_register_user_personal_data_exporterRegisters the personal data exporter for users.
wp_schedule_update_user_countsSchedules a recurring recalculation of the total count of users.
wp_send_new_user_notificationsInitiates email notifications related to the creation of new users.
wp_send_user_requestSend a confirmation request email to confirm an action.
wp_signonAuthenticates and logs a user in with 'remember' capability.
wp_update_userUpdates a user in the database.
wp_update_user_countsUpdates the total count of users on the site.
wp_user_personal_data_exporterFinds and exports personal data associated with an email address from the user and user_meta table.
wp_user_request_action_descriptionGets action description from the name and return a string.
wp_validate_application_passwordValidates the application password credentials passed via Basic Authentication.
wp_validate_logged_in_cookieValidates the logged-in cookie.
wp_validate_user_request_keyValidates a user request by comparing the key with the request's key.
_get_additional_user_keysReturns a list of meta keys to be (maybe) populated in wp_update_user().
_wp_get_current_userRetrieves the current user object.
_wp_get_user_contactmethodsThe old private function for setting up user contact methods.
_wp_privacy_account_request_confirmedUpdates log when privacy request is confirmed.
_wp_privacy_account_request_confirmed_messageReturns request confirmation message HTML.
_wp_privacy_action_request_typesGets all personal data request types.
_wp_privacy_send_erasure_fulfillment_notificationNotifies the user when their erasure request is fulfilled.
_wp_privacy_send_request_confirmation_notificationNotifies the site administrator via email when a request is confirmed.